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About us

Queen Windows is the premier windows installation and replacement company in Chicagoland. We specialize in replacing windows that have rotted over the years, ceased to function, or no longer match a homeowner's preferred style. In place of rotted inefficient doors and windows we install products that excel in quality and performance. We offer only energy saving, Energy Star Approved Products that will save you money on your heating and cooling bills and keep your home comfortable all year-round.

Guaranteed to have the best service, installation and prices

  • Our goal is to offer a high quality product and service for a fair price
  • We help our customers find the best windows for their homes at the best price
  • We help them understand the finer points of windows, as well as what makes sense for them in terms of their budget and their lifestyle.

Professional installation

  • Our installers are fully licensed and bonded, guaranteeing you a careful and professional service
  • In most cases our installations are completed in one day
  • Nothing is left for the homeowner to complete

No hidden costs

  • With our company the price we give you includes the new windows, installation, delivery, taxes, disposing of windows and a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.